A platform for creating digital cultural experiences

A platform for creating digital cultural experiences

Easily add digital content to your museums exhibits, galleries, monuments & more that your visitors can access on their phones.



1. Create an account for free online

Visit culturego.ca/subscription to create an account for your organisation for free in just a few easy steps and start creating content right away.

2. Create your first page and add your content

With our intuitive and user-friendly page creator, you are in control of your content and how it’s displayed to your visitors. On each page, you can add, modify and delete texts, videos, images, audio files and 3D models.

3. Publish your new digital exhibit

Each page created with CultureGo is linked to an unique QR code that will never change, even if you change the content displayed on your page. Print the QR code or download it and add it to your own designs.

4. Display your QR code for visitors to scan

Your visitors or clients only need to point the camera of their smartphone at a QR code to scan it and access the content you’ve created for them to enjoy. No need to download an app or create an account. 

Digital cultural experiences accessible online without downloading an app or creating an account.

Your visitors or clients don’t need to download an app or subscribe to CultureGo in order to access your content. Simply by pointing the camera of their smartphones at the QR codes generated through the app, they’ll be able to access the content you’ve created for them.

Give it a try for free today !

Capture Canada
Canada’s heritage in public domain photographs


Our goal is to empower as many cultural organizations as possible to share the wonderful resources at their disposal—photos, audio and video recordings and more— with the CultureGo platform by offering our subscription plans at very attractive prices. What’s more : if you subscribe to one of our annual plans, you receive two months free!

Software made for cultural content

As easy for your team to use as it is for your clients and visitors.

Intuitive & performing

No need to be a tech expert to create your own digital exhibits.

Adapted for smartphones

The pages you create will immediately be adapted to all sizes of mobile phone and tablet screens.

Affordable, easy and safe to use.

Offer additionnal digital content in situ in a few clicks and a few dollars.

Improve your visitors experience

In just a few minutes, add a digital dimension to any exhibit or tour.

Photos, videos and audio files

Manage your digital content directly in our media library.

Request features

Our team can create and add features tailored to your needs !

Our clients

Create an account for free !

You can easily subscribe to our free plan and get starting using CultureGo today.

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